Student Scholarship Support

Scholarships help every student they touch chase their dreams while inspiring them to work hard, think big and achieve.  They make a URI education more affordable, and they can be a valuable tool in the University's effort to successfully attract bright young scholars.

Scholarships can be life-changing. Students who receive scholarship support recognize that there are donors who are investing in their success. The knowledge that people you don't even know, are stepping up and contributing— rooting for your every success—can be both humbling and motivational. Imagine the possibilities that could open up to young minds with your gift of scholarship support. 

> Annual Scholarship Fund

Make your online gift and provide immediate support to URI students:


> URI Endowed Scholarship

Make your online gift to the endowed fund to make a long-term impact:

The URI Foundation offers the following scholarship types:

  • Need-based scholarships, which can make a URI education possible for students with limited financial ability.
  • Merit-based scholarships, which position URI to successfully attract top scholars who are considering multiple institutions.
  • Memorial scholarships, created to honor loved ones, special mentors, professors or friends.
  • Endowed scholarships, which are invested to provide long-term support for URI students. General, like the fund above, or named with a minimum donation of $50,000, endowed scholarships are vital to the long-term support of students.
  • Annual scholarships (non-endowed), featured above, which maximize the impact of your gift by serving as immediate support for today's students - whether need- or merit-based in nature.
  • Your scholarship gift may be used to support the general funds featured, above, your own named fund (minimums must be met) or you may contribute to an existing scholarship fund whose purpose aligns with your personal philanthropic goals.

Foundation staff are available to provide additional information, answer any questions and help direct your gift to support your wishes. Contact VP for Development Claire Marcille Gadrow at or 401.874.7486