Your Gifts Matter at URI.

The Big Picture

As Rhode Island's flagship land-grant university, URI is the designated research institution in Rhode Island.  

The innovation and discovery that takes place at URI impacts the academic experience by providing remarkable and highly-valued opportunities for bright, talented, and financially needy students. It also provides pre-eminent faculty with opportunities to conduct ground-breaking research and to collaborate with other faculty of excellence. And, it allows for all of these things to occur in state-of-the-art facilities that provide the latest technologies to our students so that when they graduate, they are ready to enter the workforce.

Innovation is what helps set URI apart, and in order to continue the remarkable progress the University has made, private support is essential.

From enhancing student opportunity and advancing knowledge, to building URI and supporting the student experience across all of URI's campuses, private gifts provide a margin of excellence which allows the University to set its sights even higher and think even bigger.

Bridging the Gap

With state support to URI hovering at under 10%, and more than 75% of all URI students receiving some form of financial aid, private support remains critical to the University.

Private gifts from our alumni and friends make a difference at URI by closing the gaps between: state funding and the University's operating costs; impactful opportunities we strive to make available to our students and those we can afford; and obtaining a college education and a family's ability to pay for it—just to name just a few.

Your gift to the University of Rhode Island will make an impact no matter its size or what college or program you choose to support. The needs in supporting students, faculty, facilities, and student programming are many.  Our partnerships with donors, whether individuals or businesses and foundations, are elevating the academic experience for all at URI while supporting our success at innovating in a global economy.

We thank you, in advance, for your support of the University of Rhode Island and its mission.