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Donor Relations & Stewardship

Our donors are everything to us and we want to, first and foremost, thank you!

The quality of your gift experience matters to us.

Our Office of Donor Relations and Stewardship exists to promote relationships with donors, both alumni and friends, by offering assistance and resources relative to timely gift acknowledgment and receipting, recognition, communication and impact reporting. 

The Office works to cultivate and nurture meaningful relationships between URI and its donors, helping to support the Foundation’s overall fundraising mission by creating a positive gift experience that could lead to continued and growing support for the University.  Further, the office works to fortify donor trust and honors the donor's right to accurate and timely information about the use and impact of their gift(s).  

Donor Relations staff also work with hundreds of students each year to encourage and support letters of thanks to our valued scholarship donors and stewards.

We welcome your visit campus and encourage you to reach out to us should you need help in setting up a visit and possibly meeting students impacted by your generosity.


Donor and Student Resources: