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Endowments Create Sustained Support and Opportunity

Scholarships and faculty support are just two examples of areas that benefit from gifts made to the endowment.

All gifts to URI are valuable but endowments are special because they provide a dependable, permanent, and self-sustaining source of income for generations. And, as we grow our endowment, we increase the level of funding provided to URI from the earnings on invested endowment funds.

When you create an endowment with the URI Foundation, you are providing the on-going support essential to make a real difference in the lives of students, faculty and staff. Endowed gifts are created for specific purposes. They support education, research, technology, inventions, and beyond-the-classroom experiences. They make higher education attainable for thousands while providing the consistent funding that keeps URI competitive by attracting and retaining outstanding, dedicated students and faculty.

Endowed gifts empower donors and potential donors like you to leave a personalized legacy to the University. Named endowments are the perfect way to honor a family member, mentor, or loved one. You may choose to follow your passion and support a college, department, or program that speaks to you and, in turn, you will be making a positive impact on the lives of people who share your passion. Contributions to established endowed funds that are in line with your interests are also beneficial.

Unlike outright or expendable gifts, endowment gifts are invested. Each year, your investment grows and only a portion of the earned income is spent. As a permanent gift, it becomes part of the URI tradition.  Your friends and family may contribute to it also.

Some examples of the uses of endowed gifts, include:

  • Faculty Support
    Endowed faculty chairs and professorships are intended to recruit and retain accomplished scholars, support for innovative new research and projects, and improved classrooms and laboratories.

  • Scholarships & Fellowships
    A gift of a named scholarship provides financial support to help bright, talented, and committed young people fund their education, and can be used to provide financial assistance or to reward top student achievement.  Our graduate programs consistently attract outstanding students whose imagination and discipline contribute much to the research and innovation occurring at the University and fellowship support through endowments will encourage the best students to pursue graduate programs here.

  • The Library—Technology and Information
    The Robert L. Carothers Library is at the heart of the academic community in Kingston. Providing essential information and resources—books, scholarly journals, electronic databases and images—is a vital component to teaching, learning, and research at URI. The gift of a named Library endowment can also provide the resources to acquire and maintain special collections.

  • College & Department Needs
    Many other opportunities are available to meet special college or department needs. The giving level is dependent upon the nature and scope of the donor’s interest. Excellence funds provide a perpetual source of unrestricted funding to meet urgent needs and new challenges as they arise. Endowed Lectures and Lecture Series' provide the resources to attract to the University notable experts and leaders to expand the intellectual, cultural, and social horizons of the URI community. And endowments can also provide a stream of income to support capital building improvements and technology upgrades.