Finances & Investments

Investment Oversight

The URI Foundation Board of Trustees has delegated the investment management of the University’s endowment to the Investment Committee which operates within the parameters of the Foundation’s Investment Policy Statement.

The Investment Committee seeks investment returns through a diversified investment portfolio consistent with the approved Investment Policy Statement.

To achieve its investment objective, the URI Foundation retains an independent investment consultant to provide ongoing evaluation of economic conditions, review manager performance and provide advice on asset allocation and investment manager selection.

Investment Allocation & Performance

The performance of the overall endowment pool is calculated on a total return basis, which measures the performance of equity, fixed income and alternative investments.

Total return is the combination of income, dividends, and gains and losses for the fiscal year, net of investment management fees and distributions made from the endowment. Investment performance is determined on the endowment as a whole rather than on each separate endowment.

The fluctuation in the portfolio value over time would reflect investment earnings and losses, as well as payouts distributed to the university and additions and/or deductions in the overall principal value of the endowment pool. 

The Foundation’s Investment Committee incorporates a long-term view of the financial markets to determine the appropriate asset allocation guidelines. This asset allocation is intended to provide funds for both spending policy and for appreciation potential with an acceptable level of related risk.

The Investment Committee reviews portfolio composition at least quarterly; and, if deemed necessary, it will direct cash flow or assets to be shifted to bring the portfolio within the target ranges.